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Actual and Hidden Costs of a Guilty Plea

There are many, many hidden costs that entering a guilty plea could cause you.  Although hiring an attorney will cost you money, in most circumstances hiring the Tuscaloosa County Traffic Attorneys at Kreps Law Firm, will save you much more in the long run.  Pleading guilty will result in points against your Alabama driverís license, possible license suspension, fines, court costs, increased insurance rates, possible uninsurability in the future, loss of your job, problems getting a future job if they pull your driving history, and on and on.  Itís not as cut and dry as paying the fine and walking away.  For these reasons, you need the experience and knowledge of the Tuscaloosa County Speeding Ticket Attorneys at Kreps Law Firm.

The costs of pleading guilty are potentially even more damaging if you have a commercial driverís license (CDL). If you drive a truck for a living, any type of traffic ticket could put your livelihood in danger. Donít let that happen. Call the Tuscaloosa Speeding Ticket Attorneys today and let them work to save your CDL. CALL (866) 348-2889.

Also, just because your driverís license is from another state does not mean that you can plead guilty without any other consequences. Our Tuscaloosa County, Alabama traffic ticket team members and attorneys speak to many, many people from states other than Alabama every week that have plead guilty to an Alabama traffic offense only to find out later that the Alabama Department of Public Safety reported the conviction to their home state. Now, the home state has suspended the callerís driverís license.

Take Back Our Highways Campaigns

If you have been charged with a speeding violation or other traffic ticket in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama, then chances are good that you got caught up in the Alabama Department of Public Safetyís ďTake Back Our Highways Campaign.Ē  Governor Riley and Director Chris Murphy enacted a plan some time ago to heavily enforce the traffic laws in Tuscaloosa County and throughout the State of Alabama.

Donít make these mistakesóKNOW YOUR RIGHTS AND YOUR OPTIONS! Call us NOW at (866) 348-2889 or (205) 824-6545.





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